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Mr. Risto Nevalainen (Lic. Tech.) has long experience in software measurement and quality topics. He has been managing director of Spinet Oy from the start till 2013. His working experience includes position as managing director of Finnish Information Technology Development Center during 1989-1995. Before that he had different research and management positions for example in Technical Research Centre (VTT) and Technical University of Helsinki (HUT). Mr. Nevalainen has participated in ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standard development since the beginning. He is a Competent SPICE Assessor and ISO9001 Lead Assessor.

Risto Nevalainen has a project management and researcher position in the Finnish nuclear research program SAFIR. Nevalainen had main responsibility of process assessment method development, as part of software certification. It was also a component in a safety case methodology. In SAFIR 2014 program Nevalainen had responsibility to develop Nuclear SPICE, a detailed methodology to assess software development for the highest safety classes.

Risto Nevalainen is currently also a senior advisor of Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA ry. He has principal responsibility in Finland in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 committee (Software and Systems Engineering). He is chairman of the Finnish SC7 shadow committee SR 314.

Mr. Timo Varkoi (Lic.Tech.) is a partner and present managing director in Spinet Oy. His working experience includes project management and software engineering and product development management positions in several industrial companies, mainly within the Finnish forest and automation industry. He has also worked as a research project manager at Tampere University of Technology. His research interests are in software and service process improvement and related methodologies. He has over 60 international research publications. Currently he holds a position as a senior advisor for the Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA ry. He is a Competent SPICE Assessor for software and systems engineering, and IT service management processes. He also holds intacs™ Certificate for Competent Assessor Automotive SPICE®.

Mr. Varkoi is involved in project management and research activities in the SAFIR program. The project develops facilities for software certification service in a safety critical domain. He currently leads the development of the Nuclear SPICE method.

Timo Varkoi works  actively in international standardization. He is a member of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 Standards Management Group and editor of several process assessment related international standards. He is a leading advocate for process quality.