Spinet Oy has two kinds of services:

  • Process assessments
  • Training and expert services

1. Process Assessments

We perform process assessments using many models: ISO9001, CMMI, SPICE, ISO20K etc.  Assessments can be done either directly with us or via our partnerships. For example, in ISO9001 and in ISO20K we are a partner for Inspecta Certification.

Most advanced assessments are done with the SPICE model, i.e. the ISO/IEC 15504 standard that is now evolving into ISO/IEC 330xx series. Assessments can be based on the generic SPICE or its domain specific extensions, like automotive, safety and nuclear power domain. Our resources are also editors of several standards in the SPICE family!

We have done also numerous CMMI Scampi-B assessments, either directly or with our partners.

2. Training courses and expert services

Our training services are based on our assessment and standardisation knowledge. We have kept numerous SPICE courses in different settings: short introductions, one week full courses, public and in-house etc. Please ask more information!

Our new training service is ECQA Certified SPI Manager. It is based on ECQA concepts. This training is mainly delivered in-house.

We have training service also in ECQA Certified Safety Manager profession since 2013. This training is arranged in partnership with FiSMA ry.

Extensive expert services are offered for organizations' internal, model-based process improvement programs in systems and software engineering.